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Soul Reaver 2 Fan Fictions
  1. Changes in Uschtenheim - by Linikratyo
    "...a human...beholds Raziels visit to Ushtenheim. A story about fear and vengeance..."

  2. Killing Fields - by Minionclaw
    A vampire's account of the Purges.

  3. Shattered Hope - by Christian Duerden
    "This is part one of the events leading up to Janos Audrin becoming the Soul Reaver guardian."

  4. A Confrontation With Destiny - by David Ryan
    "The story deals with the events of SR2 from the perspective of Sarafan Inquisitor Raziel and his confrontation with his future self towards the end of the game."

  5. Waiting for the Messiah - by Innocent omniscient
    A cluster of the last few "Ancients" and the first few blood-born vampires contemplate their situation as they wait indefinitely for a sign of hope.

  6. Prelude - by Raziel
    A mortal's greatest wish is to meet an ancient vampire. But is his desire fueled by compassion for a persecuted race, or for the thrill of seeing a rare "beast"?

  7. Origin of a Messiah - by Travis Lovelady
    "Takes place several decades before Janos Audron's murder, when Raziel is rescued by The vampire Vorador from the Sarafan."

  8. Questions - by Kaia
    "This is a short fic about Raziel right after the incident at the end of Soul Reaver 2. He reflects back on what has happened, and questions his future."

  9. Metamorphosis - by Hashakgik888
    "Inspired by Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis". Raziel awakes one morning to find that he is no longer a Sarafan warrior-priest: he has somehow transformed into a creature of the night."

  10. The Little Boy - by Kaia
    A human child has a fateful encounter at the dawn of the Vampire Purges.

  11. Eternity - by Double Helix
    A look into what might have happened if Raziel had killed Kain at King William's chapel.

  12. Vorador's Brother - by M.Titan
    A vampire bearing the appearance of Janos' race meets Vorador and tells him that he was also made a vampire by Janos.

  13. The Legacy Continues - by Double Helix
    Raziel meets a suspicious companion after emerging from unconsciousness at the end of SR2.

  14. Ancient Flames - by Myatery88
    "This story tells about the war the Ancients had with the Hylden, the creation of the Pillars and the Soul Reaver, and about the curse that turned the Ancients into Vampires."

  15. Revenge is Motivation Enough - by FallenVVarrior
    Moebius ventures into the future, to the time shortly after his death.

  16. Dark Dragon - by Ali-Chan the Evil Princess
    “It all begins when a mother and daughter are transported into Nosgoth. But when the mother dies, and is ressurected as a vampire, she and her daughter embark on the journey of their lives.”

  17. A Twisted Fate - by Doug
    The events of SR2 cause the Spirit Realm to tear open, releasing new terrors into the world.

  18. A Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 3 fanfic - by Nathaniel Richardson
    A prediction of SR3, based on the events of SR2 and BO2.

  19. The Coin Finally Lands on its Side - by Rob
    A story set at the end of Soul Reaver 2, giving a brief idea of what may happen in Soul Reaver 3.

Submitting Fan Fictions
  1. Yes! I would be very happy to host your fan fictions!

  2. Fan fic submissions should be sent to Tenaya@Nosgoth.net.

  3. Please include a short description of your story in your email.

  4. Let me know if you would like your email address to be posted with your story.

  5. Stories must contain significant relevance to Legacy of Kain, and significant original content of the author's own imagination.

  6. Please don't send me porn.  If you would like me to post stories with sexually explicit content, please flag said content in the story's description for reader discreton, and don't romanticize sexual abuse.  Thank you.

  7. Authors are advised to proofread their work before it is submitted.

  8. Incomplete stories are welcome with a 500 word minimum, as are continuations of existing stories.

  9. If you have artwork to accompany your story, it will be posted on the same page, and may also be featured in the fan art gallery.

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