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About Nosgothic Realm

Nosgothic Realm is a community sustained by creativity. That creativity manifests as artwork and writing, technology and programming, research of lore and philosophical debates--all inspired, in turn, by the creativity of the minds behind Legacy of Kain. These games have sparked careers, passionate interests, and lasting relationships. In ways they were never expected to, they have changed lives. The fictional world of Nosgoth is undoubtedly a dark and violent one, but for various reasons, we are drawn to it from all over the real world. There is beauty and virtue hidden in this dark epic.

My name, (in real life and online) is Tenaya. I have been an LoK fan ever since I first played Blood Omen in 1996. In 1999, development of Soul Reaver was announced, uniting ardent Blood Omen fans online for the first time, and bringing a flood of new LoK fans with their own distinct online culture. Six months later, the first incarnation of Nosgothic Realm was established by my former partner. I was recruited soon after, at first to write character synopses introducing newer fans to the mythos of Blood Omen, then later to redesign the site and handle fan fic submissions. After a tumultuous 8 years, NR's founder left, and I began a long quest to learn web design so that I could manage Nosgoth.net on my own. I have since taken college classes in HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop while majoring in Biology, with a minor in Neuroscience. Every component of the site's current design comes straight from the games or their marketing material. They intentionally represent a rich history that includes all four of Nosgoth's primary races: vampires, humans, Ancients, and Hylden.

It was around the time that I wrecked my car in a Minnesota blizzard while commuting to a separate college that I began to question the sanity and worth of what I was doing. Then, in 2013, I received a phone call from fellow LoK fan website master, Ben Lincoln that former Eidos Forum moderator, Amber Willits had been trying to track me down on behalf of Square-Enix. Mama Robotnik, (a.k.a. Divine Shadow) an active fan since Soul Reaver, had unearthed plans for the new Nosgoth game. S-E's response was to fly a dozen or so of us to London, so that we could test the game for ourselves. It was the experience of a lifetime. One that reinvigorated my commitment to Nosgothic Realm's purpose upon meeting other fans in person. I sincerely hope that visitors enjoy their stay here.

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