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Fan Audio Drama Videos
At Dumah's Throne - Part 1
"Eskandor, defacto leader of the winged Sentinels faces a difficult choice in honour of Raziel's legacy." - Okida

At Dumah's Throne - Part 2
"Eskandor crosses the lines of war to save his kin from an eternity of slavery at the hands of the ruthless Lord Dumah. But can he truly trust the Humans, who would destroy all Vampires if given the chance?" - Okida

Nosgoth Audio Drama Trailer
"The sequel to 'At Dumah's Throne!' Coming soon!" - Okida

Nosgoth Audio Drama Trailer
"Nosgoth Audio Drama Trailer 2. Taryn fulfils the new role for Liese."
- Okida

Submitting Videos
  1. If you have a video uploaded to YouTube that pertains to Legacy of Kain, I'd be happy to host it here as well!  Given that this is a new category of fan-made content for the site, there are no predefined rules at this time.  I'll take music videos, explorations of hidden game features, and pretty much anything else that your imagination can produce in video form.  I'm eager to see what people come up with!
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