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Fan Fictions By Title
  1. "Aftermath" - by S_Siddiqi
    "Acher Necronimicon" - by Crow Silver
    "Adele" - by Ghost
    "Ancient Flames" - by Myatery88 
    "Ancient War" - by Lucan Grave
    "Aleron the Vampire" - by Grim Reaper
    "Altered History" - by Joel Walle
    "Angels of Death" - by the Dark Fox
    "Ariel's Sorrow" - by Syvia
    "Army of One" - by BaCkMaNmAtT@aol.com
    "Azrael" - by Angelus Morningstar

  2. "Balance Guardian Learns his Lesson, The" - by Razielum soldier
    "Betrayer and Savior of the Circle"- by John Kines
    "Beyond the Edge" - by Ayla
    "Binding of Royalty, The" - by Raziel
    "Blood Omen 3" -- by Okida
    "Born in Shadows" - by Alexei Keats
    "Boundaries of Paradise, The" - by The_MarmaladeCat
    "Broken Wings" - by Arafel
    "Burning, The"  - by Kensington

  3. "Circle: The Story of Ariel, The" - by Moebius Reaver
    "Champion of Vampires, The" - by The Unholy One
    "Changes in Uschtenheim" - by Linikratyo
    "Child's Play, A" - by The Twisted Sister
    "Chronicles of Janos, The" - by Vampire Slayer
    "Chronicles of Michael, The" - by Tobias
    "Coin Finally Lands on its Side, The" - by Rob
    "Confrontation With Destiny, A" - by David Ryan
    "Corpse of Nosgoth, The" - by Minionclaw
    "Cry for Vengeance, The" - by MjRahabim
    "Curious quest for Janos Audron, The" - by Viator

  4. "Damned Fools" - by the Razielim Remnant
    "Dark Dragon" - by Ali-Chan the Evil Princess
    "Dark God" - by Ulicus the Sarafan
    "Dark Magic" - by Dragonkid
    "Deepening Hatred, A" - by Emerald Embers
    "Destined Souls, The" - by Alhazred and Kreliana
    "Destiny" - by Wolf Vampire
    "Dorgon of Nosgoth" - by Twin Paradox II
    "Down and Under" - by Darren the Dark Angel
    "Drama Unfolds Completely, The" - by Joel Walle
    "Dumah's Downfall" - by ffgazza 

  5. "Encounter, The" - by Wolf Vampire
    "End To It All, The" - by beutjerd@bellsouth.net
    "Eternity" - by Double Helix
    "Eternity of Damnation, An " - by Voysey
    "Eyes of a Child, The" - by Ian Patterson
    "Ezra of the Night Patrol" - by Joel Walle

  6. "Fall of the Clans, The" - by ffgazza
    "Family Ties" - by the Zekator
    "Firstborn, The" - by Silmuen
    "Flames Burn Blue Here" - by Terra Incognita
    "Flashbacks" - by Unknown Number
    "Flight of Angels" - by anonymous

  7. "Genocide" - Ty-coon
    "Glimpse Into Destiny, A" - Vampire Primus
    "Greatest of All Evils" - Lady Kreliana

  8. "Hearts Into Chaos" - by Christopher "howling mad" Mapp
    "He Is After Me" - by Wolf Vampire
    "His Children" - by Terra Incognita
    "Home and Body"  - by the Rahabim
    "Horror of Barney, The"  - by KoolKat
    "Hungry Eyes" - by Akira Everhate
    "Hunter" - by Dawnwalker

  9. "I, the Elder" - by OmniDo
    "Imprisonment of a God" - by Ojuanna
    "Infinite Impossibilities" - by Melissa®
    "Into the Darkness" - by Omni

  10. "Jade" - by Sharon Westbury
    "Journey of Kain: Confessions, The" - by Ben Kimberlin
    "Junios" - by Ghost 
    "Justice" - by Thomas the Betrayer

  11. "Kain Reflecting" - by Omega Z
    "Kain's Shrink" - by Lea Petra
    "Killing Fields" - by Minionclaw

  12. "Last Battle, The" - by Tyson Mitton
    "Last Chance" - by Dimitrios Thomadakis
    "Last of the Razielim, The" - by LordGorath
    "Last Omen" - by Kain Forgotten
    "Last Sarafan, The" - by Gandalfthegrey502
    "Latter Days, The" - by Ananke
    "Legacy Continues, The" - by Double Helix
    "Legacy of Kain: Absolution" - by Okida
    "Legacy of Kain Alliance" - by Face_203
    "Legacy of Kain:Defiance 2" - by Lazaruss
    "Legacy of Kain: Defiance 2" - by doddy_from_theabyss@hotmail.com
    "Legacy of Kain: Fate's End" - by Justin Blasdel
  13. "Legacy of Kain: Heritage" - Okida
    "Legacy of Kain: Last Son of Raziel" - by Gyrin
    "Legacy of Kain: The Lost Prophecy" - by Alex
    "Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 3 fanfic, A" by- Nathaniel Richardson
    "Legacy of Kain: The Human" - by Bart Przystawko ("Baato")
    "Legacy of Legacy" - by Dragonkid
    "Legacy of Turel" - by Rob
    "Life In Death" - by Ulicus
    "Life of a Nobleman" - by Albert Wesker
    "Limitation Overcome"  - by the Rahabim
    "Linked As One" - by Minionclaw
    "Little Boy, The" - by Kaia
    "Little Brother"  - by Arafel
    "LoK Novel" - by BloodGout
    "Loki: Laments for the Fallen" - by Baron Harkonnen
    "Lords of Swords, The" - by Mortanius Kain
    "Lord of the Waters" - by Pranoxitreles
    "Lost Battle, The" - by Kage Shadow

  14. "Malek the Vampire Sarafan" - by Reaver Bladez
    "Metamorphosis" - by Fire Ceremony
    "Metamorphosis" - by Alex Bowe
    "Mortal Love" - by Emily Atkins
    "My Sons and I" - by Edge of the Coin

  15. "Night in Meridian, A" - by Silmuen
    "No longer the guardian" - by rhys evans
    "Nosgoth: Apocalypse" - by The Light Bringer 
    "Nosgoth's Fate" - by Evil Lord
    "Nosgoth revealed" - by God Of Evil

  16. "Old Relatives" - by Frank Löning
    "Origin of a Messiah" - by Travis Lovelady
    "Ouverture to the end" - by anubis

  17. "Pain of Rebirth" - by FallenVVarrior
    "Paradise Denied" - by Terrormon
    "Past Brought to Life, The" - by Fryar
    "Past of Nosgoth, Future of Raziel" - by Skorne
    "Pillar of Balance, The" - by Malaki
    "Pillars of Destiny"  - by Alhazred
    "Pipes" - by acorman
    "Planning Fallacy" - by VegetaWorshipper
    "Play on" - by Ulicus
    "Poké Plague, The" - by Kreliana and the Dark Fox
    "Poor Mortanius" - by Divine Shadow
    "Prelude" - by Raziel
    "Premature Gift, The" - by Muriel
    "Price of Victory, The" - by anonymous

  18. "Quest For Truth" - by Odette
    "Questions" - by Kaia

  19. "Razielim Chonicles, The" - by Elysion
    "Raziel's Bride" - by The Arctic Pheonix
    "Redecoration" - by Quicksilver
    "Redeemer and Destroyer" - by DarkDaemon
    "Redeemer and Destroyer" - by Katie Roncone
    "Reestablished Role: The Scion of Balance" - by Judah Townsend
    "Resurrection" - by Bloodtide
    "Retribution" - by First Lady of Nosgoth
    "Return, The" - by TheWraith
    "Revenge borne of Hellfire" - by Moebius
    "Revenge is Motivation Enough" - by FallenVVarrior

  20. "Sacrifice, The" - by Steele
    "Scattered To the Corners of Nosgoth" - by Deac1357@aol.com 
    "Scavengers of Souls" - by Dawnwalker
    "Schrodinger Paradox, The" - by MadxHatterxTeapot
    "Seasons Without Sun" - by GlassShard
    "Shattered Hope" - by Christian Duerden
    "Soul Reaver 3" - by Okida
    "Soul Reaver: RESURRECTION"  - by Pranoxitreles
    "Sovereigns of Nosgoth"  - by The Tenth Pillar
    "Spider Reaver" - by Divine Dragon
    "Step into the Darkness" - by Omen Guy
    "Story of a Soul, The" - by The Mondracon
    "Story of Christo, The" - by Christopher
    "Strange things do happen" - by Reziuel the Soul Gaurdian
    "Strongest Vampire, The" - by the Rahabim
    "Surrogate"  - by the Rahabim
    "Symbols of the Shadow" - by Aiden Rogers

  21. "Tales From the Soul Forge" - by Dawnwalker
    "Tanner's Tale, The" - by Doomswoman1
    "Territorial Wars" - by Jake Fitzgerald
    "Time Is But A Loop" - by Devon Baxter
    "Tomb Raider & Soul Reaver: World's Collide" - by <*DragonSeer*>
    "Trafficking" - by Quicksilver
    "Trapped" - by gandalfthegrey502
    "Turel Beyond" - by Jef Rouner
    "Twisted Fate, A" - by Doug
    "Two Young Wizards and a Wraith" - by Cold Fang

  22. "Unexpected Aid" - by UndyingSamurai
    "Unfathomed Karma" - by Dark Raven
    "United Once More"  - by Kreliana
    "Untitled" - by Davorit
    "Untitled" - by Eric Trumble
    "Untitled" - by kRis ~ 
    "Untold History" - by Kreliana

  23. "Vae Victus" - by Doomswoman1
    "Vampire Hunter Raziel" - by Ian Patterson
    "Vampire Travels" - by Cyclopean
    "Virtues" - by Innocent Omniscient
    "Vorador's Newborn" - by Andrew Dockery
    "Vorador's Brother"  - by M.Titan
    "Vorador's Revenge"  - by Fryar

  24. "Wager, The" - by Doomswoman1
    "Waiting Darkness, The" - by ~LordChaosWing~
    "Waiting for the Messiah" - by Innocent omniscient
    "War, The" - by Knight Zero
    "Warning from within" - by Lirine
    "What Now?" - by Meverix
    "When Kain Meets Stephenie" - by ASmilingMalice
    "Who Am I?" - by Minionclaw
    "Whole New World, A" - by Alyea
    "Why the Razielim are dead" - by Willie Hewes
    "Worst Mistake" - by Matt

  25. "Youngling's Training, A" - by Jake Fitzgerald

Fan Fictions By Author
  1. Acorman: "Pipes"
    Aiden Rogers: "Symbols of the Shadow"
    Akira Everhate: "Hungry Eyes" 
    Alyea: "A Whole New World"
    Albert Wesker: "Life of a Nobleman"
    Alex: "Legacy of Kain: The Lost Prophecy"
    Alexei Keats: "Born in Shadows"
    Alhazred: "Pillars of Destiny"
    Alhazred (in collaboration with Kreliana) : "The Destined Souls"
    Ali-Chan the Evil Princess: "Dark Dragon"
    Ananke: "The Latter Days"
    Andrew Dockery: "Vorador's Newborn"
    Angelus Morningstar: "Azrael"
    anonymous: "The Price of Victory"
    anonymous: "Flight of Angels"
    anubis: "Ouverture to the end"
    Arafel: "Broken Wings"
    Arafel: "Little Brother"
    Arctic Pheonix, The: "Raziel's Bride"
    ASmilingMalice: "When Kain Meets Stephenie"
    Ayla: "Beyond the Edge"

  2. BaCkMaNmAtT@aol.com: "Army of One"
    Baron Harkonnen: "Loki: Laments for the Fallen"
    Bart Przystawko ("Baato"): "Legacy of Kain: The Human"
    Ben Kimberlin: "The Journey of Kain: Confessions"
    beutjerd@bellsouth.net: "End to It All, The"
    BloodGout: "LoK Novel"
    Bloodtide: "Resurrection"

  3. Christian Duerden: "Shattered Hope"
    Christopher: "The Story of Christo"
    Christopher "howling mad" Mapp: "Hearts Into Chaos"
    Cold Fang: "Two Young Wizards and a Wraith"
    Crow Silver: "Acher Necronimicon"
    Cyclopean: "Vampire Travels"

  4. DarkDaemon: "Redeemer and Destroyer"
    Dark Fox, The: "Angels of Death"
    Dark Fox, The (in collaboration with Kreliana) : "The Poké Plague"
    Dark Raven: "Unfathomed Karma"
    Darren the Dark Angel: "Down and Under"
    David Ryan: "A Confrontation With Destiny"
    Davorit: "Untitled"
    Dawnwalker: "Scavengers of Souls"
    Dawnwalker: "Tales From the Soul Forge"
    Dawnwalker: "Hunter"
    Deac1357@aol.com: "Scattered To the Corners of Nosgoth"
    Devon Baxter: "Time Is But A Loop"
    Dimitrios Thomadakis: "Last Chance"
    Divine Dragon: "Spider Reaver"
    Divine Shadow: "Poor Mortanius"
    doddy_from_theabyss@hotmail.com: Legacy of Kain: Defiance 2
    Doomswoman1: "The Tanner's Tale"
    Doomswoman1: "The Wager: Why Kain's Sons Don't Have Guns"
    Doomswoman1: "Vae Victus"
    Double Helix: "The Legacy Continues"
    Double Helix: "Eternity"
    Doug: "A Twisted Fate"
    Dragonkid: "Legacy of Legacy"
    Dragonkid: "Dark Magic"
    DragonSeer: "Tomb Raider and Soul Reaver: World's Collide"

  5. Edge of the Coin: "My Sons and I"
    Elysion: "The Razielim Chonicles"
    Emerald Embers: "A Deepening Hatred"
    Emily Atkins: "Mortal Love"
    Eric Trumble: "Untitled"
    Evil Lord: "Nosgoth's Fate" 

  6. Face_203: "Legacy of Kain Alliance"
    FallenVVarrior: "Revenge is Motivation Enough"
    FallenVVarrior: "Pain of Rebirth"
    Fire Ceremony: "Metamorphosis" 
    First Lady of Nosgoth: "Retribution"
    ffgazza: "The Fall of the Clans"
    ffgazza: "Dumah's Downfall"
    Frank Löning: "Old Relatives"
    Fryar: "Vorador's Revenge" 
    Fryar: "The Past Brought to Life"

  7. Gandalfthegrey502: "Trapped"
    Gandalfthegrey502: "The Last Sarafan"
    Ghost (formerly Terra Incognita): "Adele"
    Ghost (formerly Terra Incognita): "Junios"
    GlassShard: "Seasons Without Sun"
    God Of Evil: "Nosgoth revealed"
    Grim Reaper: "Aleron the Vampire"
    Gyrin: "Legacy of Kain: Last Son of Raziel"

  8. Hashakgik888: "Metamorphosis"

  9. Ian Patterson: "The Eyes of a Child"
    Ian Patterson: "Vampire Hunter Raziel"
    Innocent Omniscient: "Virtues"
    Innocent Omniscient: "Waiting for the Messiah"

  10. Jake Fitzgerald: "Youngling's Training, A"
    Jake Fitzgerald: "Territorial Wars"
    Jef Rouner: "Turel Beyond"
    Joel Walle: "Altered History"
    Joel Walle: "The Drama Unfolds Completely"
    Joel Walle: "Ezra of the Night Patrol"
    John Kines: "Betrayer and Savior of the Circle"
    Judah Townsend: "Reestablished Role: The Scion of Balance, The"
    Justin Blasdel: "Legacy of Kain: Fate's End"

  11. Kage Shadow: "The Lost Battle"
    Kaia: "The Little Boy"
    Kaia: "Questions"
    Kain Forgotten: "Last Omen"
    Katie Roncone: "Redeemer and Destroyer"
    Kensington: "The Burning"
    Knight Zero: "The War"
    KoolKat: "The Horror of Barney"
    Kreliana: "United Once More" 
    Kreliana: "Untold History"
    Kreliana (in collaboration with the Dark Fox): "The Poké Plague" 
    Kreliana: "Greatest of All Evils"
    Kreliana  (in collaboration with Alhazred): "The Destined Souls"
    kRis ~: "Untitled"

  12. Lazaruss: "Legacy of Kain:Defiance 2"
    Lea Petra: "Kain's Shrink"
    Light Bringer, The: "Nosgoth: Apocalypse"
    Linikratyo: "Changes in Uschtenheim"
    Lirine: "Warning from within"
    ~LordChaosWing~: "The Waiting Darkness"
    LordGorath: "The Last of the Razielim"
    Lucan Grave: "Ancient War"

  13. MadxHatterxTeapot: "The Schrodinger Paradox"
    Malaki: "The Pillar of Balance"
    The_MarmaladeCat: "The Boundaries of Paradise"
    Matt: "Worst Mistake"
    Melissa®: "Infinite Impossibilities"
    Meverix: "What Now?"
    Minionclaw: "Linked As One"
    Minionclaw: "Who Am I?"
    Minionclaw: "Killing Fields"
    Minionclaw: "The Corpse of Nosgoth"
    MjRahabim: "The Cry for Vengeance"
    Moebius: "Revenge borne of Hellfire"
    Moebius Reaver: "The Circle: The Story of Ariel"
    Mondracon, The: "The Story of a Soul"
    Mortanius Kain: "The Lords of Swords"
    M.Titan: "Vorador's Brother"
    Muriel: "The Premature Gift"
    Myatery88: "Ancient Flames"

  14. Nathaniel Richardson: "A Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 3 fanfic"

  15. Odette: "Quest For Truth"
    Ojuanna: "Imprisonment of a God"
    Okida: "Blood Omen 3"
    Okida: "Soul Reaver 3"
  16. Okida: "Legacy of Kain: Absolution"
  17. Okida: "Legacy of Kain: Heritage"
    Omega Z: "Kain Reflecting"
    Omen Guy: "Step into the Darkness"
    Omni: "Into the Darkness"
    OmniDo: "I, the Elder"

  18. Pranoxitreles: "Lord of the Waters"
    Pranoxitreles: "Soul Reaver: RESURRECTION"

  19. Quicksilver: "Redecoration"
    Quicksilver: "Trafficking"

  20. Rahabim, The: "Surrogate" 
    Rahabim, The: "The Strongest Vampire"
    Rahabim, The: "Home and Body" 
    Rahabim, The: "Limitation Overcome"
    Raziel: "The Binding of Royalty"
    Raziel: "Prelude"
    Razielim Remnant, The: "Damned Fools"
    Razielum soldier: "The Balance Guardian Learns his Lesson"
    Reaver Bladez: "Malek the Vampire Sarafan"
    Reziuel the Soul Gaurdian: "Strange things do happen"
    rhys evans: "No longer the guardian"
    Rob: "The Coin Finally Lands on its Side"
    Rob: "Legacy of Turel"

  21. Sharon Westbury: "Jade"
    Silmuen: "The Firstborn"
    Silmuen: "A Night in Meridian"
    S_Siddiqi: "Aftermath"
    Skorne: "Past of Nosgoth, Future of Raziel"
    Steele: "The Sacrifice"
    Syvia: "Ariel's Sorrow"

  22. Terra Incognita (aka Ghost): "Flames Burn Blue Here"
    Terra Incognita (aka Ghost): "His Children"
    Terrormon: "Paradise Denied"
    Tenth Pillar, The: "Sovereigns of Nosgoth"
    Thomas the Betrayer: "Justice"
    Tobias: "The Chronicles of Michael"
    Travis Lovelady: "Origin of a Messiah"
    Twin Paradox II: "Dorgon of Nosgoth"
    The Twisted Sister: "A Child's Play"
    Ty-coon: "Genocide"
    Tyson Mitton: "The Last Battle"

  23. Ulicus the Sarafan: "Dark God"
    Ulicus the Sarafan: "Play on"
    Ulicus the Sarafan: "Life In Death"
    UndyingSamurai: "Unexpected Aid"
    Unholy One, The: "The Champion of Vampires"
    Unknown Number: "Flashbacks"

  24. Vampire Primus: "A Glimpse Into Destiny"
    Vampire Slayer: "The Chronicles of Janos"
    VegetaWorshipper: "Planning Fallacy"
    Viator: "The Curious quest for Janos Audron"
    Voysey: "An Eternity of Damnation"

  25. Willie Hewes: "Why the Razielim are dead"
    Wolf Vampire: "He Is After Me"
    Wolf Vampire: "Destiny"
    Wolf Vampire: "The Encounter"
    TheWraith: "The Return"

  26. Zekator, The: "Family Ties"

Submitting Fan Fictions
  1. Yes! I would be very happy to host your fan fictions!

  2. Fan fic submissions should be sent to Tenaya@Nosgoth.net.

  3. Please include a short description of your story in your email.

  4. Let me know if you would like your email address to be posted with your story.

  5. Stories must contain significant relevance to Legacy of Kain, and significant original content of the author's own imagination.

  6. Please don't send me porn.  If you would like me to post stories with sexually explicit content, please flag said content in the story's description for reader discreton, and don't romanticize sexual abuse.  Thank you.

  7. Authors are advised to proofread their work before it is submitted.

  8. Incomplete stories are welcome with a 500 word minimum, as are continuations of existing stories.

  9. If you have artwork to accompany your story, it will be posted on the same page, and may also be featured in the fan art gallery.

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