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Defiance Fan Fictions
  1. Legacy of Kain: Heritage - by Okida
    "Driven to action by the promises of the Seer, Vorador sets out on his own journey of discovery into the dark world of Nosgoth. Hidden from him are impossibly old secrets that could change the war with the Divus and a universal legacy for him to discover, guarded by feral beasts and all while under the looming shadow of the living, winged personification of Death."

  2. Legacy of Kain: Absolution - by Okida
    "From the gates of heaven itself and back again the journeys of Raziel and Kain intertwine once more as the two of them face a struggle for survival against the pantheon of the Wheel of Fate, demi-gods who will stop at nothing to destroy them. "

  3. Soul Reaver 3 - by Okida
    "Kain is gone, lost beyond the rim of time. Now the Hylden strive to conquer a dead Nosgoth. Freed from the endlessly cycling curse of the Soul Reaver, Raziel must strive against the very people who think him a messiah. Sequel to Blood Omen 3."

  4. Legacy of Kain: The Lost Prophecy - by Alex
    "Kain has obtained true vision, battled the Elder God and won, but the drama is not over yet. He still has to restore the Balanse in Nosgoth, uncover some secrets of Nosgoth's past, and battle the Elder God once more..."

  5. Blood Omen 3 - by Okida
    "Granted true sight by Raziel's sacrifice, the journey of the Scion of Balance continues as he seeks sources of ancient lore that might help him unravel the true path of his destiny, unaware of an enemy he never expected following along behind him."

  6. The Latter Days - by Ananke
    “An attempt to design LoK6,” written in the form of a game script.  “The story starts out as Kain returns to the post-Soul Reaver Nosgoth with the intent to set things right - and finds it overrun by the Hylden again."

  7. Legacy of Kain: The Human - by Bart Przystawko ("Baato")
    "What if losing the Heart of Darkness removed Kain's vampiric unlife? As Kain gradually loses his powers, the Legacy of Kain continues. (Incorporates events from BO2) ."

  8. Last Chance - by Dimitrios Thomadakis
    "A long time after the events of Defiance, Kain died and Raziel remained trapped in the spectral realm, unable to materialize or die. In the year 2005, an underground accident triggers a chain of events in which an unsuspecting man finds Raziel. Together, they live one last adventure, help save each other, and acquire valuable knowledge through this experience."

  9. Reestablished Role: The Scion of Balance - by Judah Townsend
    Kain gets another imbuement for the Soul Reaver.

  10. Legacy of Kain: Defiance 2 - by doddy_from_theabyss@hotmail.com
    Kain hits the Chronoplast once again in order to find a way to free Raziel from the Reaver blade by returning to the events of Soul Reaver.

  11. Jade - by Sharon Westbury
    A Nature spirit seeks to confront Kain.

  12. The Corpse of Nosgoth - by Minionclaw
    "The end of Nosgoth" unites all life against the Elder.

  13. The Price of Victory - by anonymous
    "...a bit of back story on the pillars and janos audron..."

  14. Legacy of Kain: Defiance 2 - by Lazaruss
    An attempt to write the next LoK sequel. Incorporates elements from Blood Omen 2.

  15. Redeemer and Destroyer - by DarkDaemon
    "After the events in Defiance, Kain realizes that his destiny is still not fulfilled. He starts a new quest, hoping to find a way to prevent the return of the Hylden."

  16. Beyond the Edge - by Ayla
    Kain is transported to a world that appears to be ruled by Hylden.

  17. Imprisonment of a God - by Ojuanna
    An attempt to write Turel's side of the story.

  18. The Balance Guardian Learns his Lesson - by Razielum soldier
    A possible explanation for the ominous confrontation Kain had with his future self in Blood Omen.

  19. The War - by Knight Zero
    Kain remains in telepathic contact with Raziel as he prepares for a war with the Hylden, following the events of Defiance.

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  5. Stories must contain significant relevance to Legacy of Kain, and significant original content of the author's own imagination.

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