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Blood Omen 2 Fan Fictions
  1. An Eternity of Damnation - by Voysey
    "Kain, now starting to weaken with sudden flashbacks of the past, has cast his first son Raziel into the Lake of the Dead. Now, Raziel must come back and put a stop to Kains rule. But certain things come back to haunt us, its just a question of time."

  2. Legacy of Kain: Fate’s End - by Justin Blasdel
    Under the direction of a wyvern god, Kain returns to the time of Soul Reaver, following the events of Defiance, to reconquer his descendants, and raise an army as a soul-feeding wraith.  

  3. Ezra of the Night Patrol - by Joel Walle
    A night in the life of one of Meridian's Sarafan night patrol.

  4. A Night in Meridian - by Silmuen
    "This story takes place after the events of BO2. In the decadent city of Meridian, the young vampire Raziel meets a deadly opponent - Damaris, one of Vorador's brides."

  5. A Youngling's Training - by Jake Fitzgerald
    "It is about a youngling who learns about how vampires come to be. the second part is about his training"

  6. Vorador's Newborn - by Andrew Dockery
    A teenager is recruited into the vampire army.

  7. Nosgoth revealed - by God Of Evil
    "'Nosgoth Revealed' is compiled from sources that were gathered by Janos Audron during his long wait for Raziel's return. It tells how the Ancients first discovered Nosgoth."

  8. Untitled - by Davorit
    Kain massacres a village.

  9. The Chronicles of Michael - by Tobias
    An abandoned fledgling is rescued by a kindred spirit.

  10. Ancient War - by Lucan Grave
    An Ancient's role in the war against the Hylden.

  11. Step into the Darkness - by Omen Guy
    A member of the Cabal is sent on a mission to instruct the tapster on the message he should give to "Kain".

  12. The Story of Christo - by Christopher
    A human encounters one of "Kain's" generals.

  13. The End To It All - by beutjerd@bellsouth.net
    Speculation on how Janos may have come to be the guardian of the Soul Reaver.

  14. Aleron the Vampire - by Grim Reaper
    An orphaned thief becomes a vampire in the city of Meridian.

  15. The Return - by TheWraith
    A continuation of the events of BO2, told from Vorador's perspective.

  16. Trapped - by gandalfthegrey502
    “This is a story about Janos Audren beginning right after he fell into the Hylden dimension in Blood Omen 2. This story is assuming that he would survive the fall.”

Submitting Fan Fictions
  1. Yes! I would be very happy to host your fan fictions!

  2. Fan fic submissions should be sent to Tenaya@Nosgoth.net.

  3. Please include a short description of your story in your email.

  4. Let me know if you would like your email address to be posted with your story.

  5. Stories must contain significant relevance to Legacy of Kain, and significant original content of the author's own imagination.

  6. Please don't send me porn.  If you would like me to post stories with sexually explicit content, please flag said content in the story's description for reader discreton, and don't romanticize sexual abuse.  Thank you.

  7. Authors are advised to proofread their work before it is submitted.

  8. Incomplete stories are welcome with a 500 word minimum, as are continuations of existing stories.

  9. If you have artwork to accompany your story, it will be posted on the same page, and may also be featured in the fan art gallery.

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