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Crossover Fan Fictions
  1. When Kain Meets Stephenie - by ASmilingMalice
    "One of the worst pieces of literature ever written has somehow made it's way into Nosgoth. What happens when Kain calls a meeting with the woman responsible for such a travesty? A crossover between Legacy of Kain and Twilight."

  2. The Schrodinger Paradox - by MadxHatterxTeapot
    “Since the beginning of time there has only been Raziel that had free will, free of the Wheel of Fate, now as darkness rises Nosgoth must face something it has never encountered: other beings with the power of Free will in their hands.  A force like no other that rivals the Hylden blood. Will they assist in Nosgoth's Destruction or it's Salvation?”
    A crossover of sorts with an Alice in Wonderland Universe."

  3. Time Is But A Loop - by Devon Baxter
    Following the events of Defiance, this story alternates between the perspectives of Raziel and Sonic the Hedgehog.

  4. Legacy of Kain Alliance - by Face_203
    "A fic that crosses the legend of Dracula to the Legacy of Kain. It is also my idea of what will happen athe end of defiance. enjoy"

  5. Spider Reaver - by Divine Dragon
    Upon sacrificing himself to the Soul Reaver in Defiance, Raziel bears helpless witness to the events of history, breaks from his purgatorial cycle, and meets up with Spiderman.

  6. Tomb Raider & Soul Reaver: World's Collide - by <*DragonSeer*>
    A crossover between Tomb Raider and Soul Reaver 2 with references to Soul Reaver 1 and Blood Omen. Laura Croft teams up with Raziel to stop an old enemy bent on gaining power by creating Pillars in other worlds.

  7. The Drama Unfolds Completely - by Joel Walle
    A crossover between the author's previous story, "Altered History" and Ian Patterson's fan fic, "Vampire Hunter Raziel". Combines elements from Vampire Hunter D, Tenchi Muyo, Soul Reaver 2, and Blood Omen2.

  8. Two Young Wizards and a Wraith - by Cold Fang
    "What happens when a spell malfunctions and throws the two wizards the Lone Power hates the most into a desolate Nosgoth? They happen to meet a particular Reaver of Souls. Soul Reaver-X-Young Wizards."

  9. A Whole New World - by Alyea
    "This is a cross-over between Soul Reaver and Interview with a Vampire. This chapter is only a taster. It shows Louie finding the body of Raziel who has entered earth when being thrown into the Lake of the Dead."

  10. The Encounter - by Wolf Vampire
    A crossover between Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Soul Reaver. "This story is about Raziel meeting a creature that no one thought was real, a werewolf."

  11. Altered History - by Joel Walle
    A crossover between Blood Omen and Tenchi Muyo. Written in first person from Kain's perspective, in the same fashion as BO:LoK.

  12. He Is After Me - by Wolf Vampire
    "A crossover of Lok and The Crow, Where Kain Fights a tough battle with someone he killed a year ago..."

  13. The Destined Souls - by Kreliana and Alhazred
    "This is a fanfic that Alhazred and Kreliana teamed up to make.  It's a crossover between MGS and LoK.  Summary: Raziel follows Kain through the chronoplast, where Moebius guides him to an unknown land.  Who will he meet?  What will he find?  Will his thirst for vengence be quenched?"

  14. The Pillar of Balance - by Malaki
    "This story is a crossover of the LOK series and the Angel series.  Aside from the first circle of nine and Lucien Dorn, all characters in this story are copyright of their respective creators.  I have changed the history of the legacy of Kain series so as to explore a different route, I believe it makes it more interesting.  I also didn't want to be accused of copying Bloodtide's story."

  15. Vampire Hunter Raziel - by Ian Patterson
    A Vampire Hunter D crossover, set during the time of Soul Reaver. In this tale, D had known about and visited Nosgoth 1000 prior.

  16. Resurrection - By Bloodtide
    A crossover between Soul Reaver and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, set in Sunnydale.

Submitting Fan Fictions
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  3. Please include a short description of your story in your email.

  4. Let me know if you would like your email address to be posted with your story.

  5. Stories must contain significant relevance to Legacy of Kain, and significant original content of the author's own imagination.

  6. Please don't send me porn.  If you would like me to post stories with sexually explicit content, please flag said content in the story's description for reader discreton, and don't romanticize sexual abuse.  Thank you.

  7. Authors are advised to proofread their work before it is submitted.

  8. Incomplete stories are welcome with a 500 word minimum, as are continuations of existing stories.

  9. If you have artwork to accompany your story, it will be posted on the same page, and may also be featured in the fan art gallery.

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