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Blood Omen Fan Fictions
  1. Mortal Love - By Emily Atkins
    "Kain is slowly declining into Madness and his wife of his mortal past is trying to save him from the demon he is becoming, blinded my hate Kain destroys all that was once close to him. Vorador is only friend is murdered by Moebius, and Moebius is taking control of the people of Nosgoth and their minds. Morgianna is always waiting for him, even though she knows he will never return." This story rewrites Blood Omen.

  2. Army of One - by BaCkMaNmAtT@aol.com
    A prophetic rendition of the events leading up to Kain's murder.

  3. Retribution - by First Lady of Nosgoth
    "This story takes place long before the events of Blood Omen. Fresh with grief Vorador seeks revenge upon the vampire hunters that murdered his loved-one. An in depth look at the origin of the torture room. Also, involves an explanation to who the mysterious woman in the painting in his mansion might be."

  4. The Sacrifice - by Steele
    Vampires battle Sarafan.

  5. No longer the guardian - by rhys evans
    "Fanfic in which kain realizes that he is no longer the guardian of the pillar of balance- being already dead this is my first lok fanfic, so be kind"

  6. Hearts Into Chaos - By Christopher “howling mad” Mapp
    A romantic take on Nupraptor’s youth.

  7. Revenge borne of Hellfire - by Moebius
    In this story of the Unspoken's return to the Hell which he was borne in, Kain must defeat a horrible adversary, he who can save Nosgoth, or destroy it at his will. This tale documents the revenge that Hash'ak'gik puts into motion, the revenge which could erase Nosgoth from ever being created.

  8. The Circle: The Story of Ariel - by Moebius Reaver
    A romantic take on Ariel's youth.

  9. Virtues - by Innocent Omniscient
    A woman from Coorhagen gives her account of life as a prostitute during the plague, and finds an unlikely kindred spirit.

  10. The Chronicles of Janos - by Vampire Slayer
    This stoy is set in the far past of Nosgoth, during a war with the Unspoken's army, and attempts to create the background surrounding Janos Audren.

  11. Life in Death - by Ulicus
    The tale of a young soldier in the time of a war for control of Nosgoth. When overcome in battle, he discovers that his enemies are being aided by a powerful vampire.

  12. Betrayer and Savior of the Circle - by John Kines
    Long before making Kain, Mortanius had attempted to restore Balance as described by this story.

  13. Tales from the Soul Forge - by Dawnwalker
    A short look into the mysterious origin of the dark magical weapons that Kain relied on in Blood Omen.

  14. Life of a Nobleman - by Albert Wesker
    Documents the life of the nobleman Kain before his murder.

  15. Dark Magic - by Dragonkid
    A young witch whose family was also killed by the Sarafan meets Vorador.

  16. Vorador's Revenge - by Fryar
  17. Vorador leads a small army from his mansion after defeating Malek.

  18. Loki: Laments for the Fallen - by Baron Harkonnen
    A side story about a 1700 year old vampire named Loki. Upon returning from several centuries of seclusion, he finds his race decimated and his former mentor, Vorador, executed. He vows revenge and embarks on a quest to destroy the newly resurfaced Sarafan.

  19. Nosgoth's Fate - by Evil Lord
    Kain must deal with the aftermath of his time traveling and his final decision at the Pillars.

  20. The Champion of Vampires - by The Unholy One
    Vorador's thoughts return to his past in the final moments before his murder.

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