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Soul Reaver Fan Fictions
  1. Vae Victus - by Cynthia Scott ("Doomswoman1")
    “The end of the Sarafan reign and the beginning of Kain's empire.”

  2. My Son's and I - by Edge of the Coin
    "Kain watches a nearby battle involving his six "son's", we see how each liutenant fights and how their particular skills and personality comes into use, and kain recollects on past events."

  3. Untitled - by kRis ~
    "The author tells us of the time whence Raziel was a vampire, and had to infiltrate the city of Coorhagen as a mortal."

  4. Territorial Wars - by Jake Fitzgerald
    Raziel and Melchiah squabble at the cost of their childrens’ lives.

  5. The Tanner's Tale - by Cynthia Scott ("Doomswoman1")
    A young woman inherits her father's business and the responsibility of serving his customers, both human and vampire. But when a series of murders proves to be more than it first seems, the task of ending it falls to one who can work with both worlds.

  6. Raziel's Bride - by The Arctic Pheonix
    Raziel goes on a quest to rescue a fairytale princess.  Along the way, he encounters a vision of the past concerning the Ancients.

  7. A Child's Play - by The Twisted Sister
    "Just another Raziel fanfic? Perhaps..."

  8. Flight of Angels - by anonymous
    Due to unexplained visions, Raziel escapes his execution by flying away, ordering his children and the other clans to secretly follow suit.

  9. The Last Battle - by Tyson Mitton
    "[This story] takes place just before and during the final battle for Nosgoth between vampires and humans."

  10. Kain Reflecting - by Omega Z
    A brief account of Kain's resurrection of Raziel as a vampire.

  11. Vampire Travels - by Cyclopean
    "It's something of an alternate universe, but it's also comedy..." Kain is dead, Raziel was never made a reaver of souls, and voluntary evolutionary paths allow Razielim to morph into houses.

  12. Ouverture to the end - by anubis
    An account from Melchiah's perspective of the vampiric empire's military campaign against humanity.

  13. Pain of Rebirth - by FallenVVarrior@aol.com
    A conjecture of Raziel's resurrection as a vampire. Contains references to BO2.

  14. Junios - by Ghost
    A Razielim's account of his clan's destruction.

  15. Adele - by Ghost
    "I've been very interested in the Razielim and their situation, so I'll write about them."

  16. The Last Sarafan - by Gandalfthegrey502
    Combines sentiments taken from SR1 and BO2 that vampires are evil to create a story about a boy who wishes to be a Sarafan.

  17. Dorgon of Nosgoth - by Twin Paradox II
    A man with amnesia becomes a vampire hunter, yet befriends a vampirized Malek.  He turns against both vampires and hunters after another hunter kills Malek, and sets out to remember his past.

  18. The Firstborn - by Silmuen
    “…An attempt to picture the moment of Raziel's awakening [as a vampire]”, had Raziel retained knowledge of his past life as a Sarafan.

  19. A Glimpse Into Destiny - by Vampire Primus
    A fledgling Raziel has a confrontation with his future self.

  20. Quest For Truth - by Odette
    "This is my first submission and the story is along the lines if Raziel had a sister that he never knew of, also a Sarafan warrior and the last."

  21. The Premature Gift - by Muriel
    What might have happened if Raziel had managed to avoid Kain ripping his wings off.

  22. The Lords of Swords - by Mortanius Kain
    'This story features Lady Kreliana's character, Natalia, and introduces a new rank of occupation in Nosgoth.'

  23. Dumah's Downfall - by ffgazza
    Tells of how vampire hunters succeeded in destroying Dumah and his clan.

  24. Family Ties - by the Zekator
    "Its a dramatic story of a father and a daughter who become vampires of the Zephonim clan and their lives through the small beginnings of Kains empire, to it's raise to power and it's fall after Raziels death.  The story tells of regret, loss, love, sadness, anger, revenge, hatred , and the often over looked simple pleasures of life."

  25. The Binding of Royalty - by Raziel
    A short take on the time between the lieutenants' creation and Raziel's execution, from Dumah's point of view.

  26. The Cry for Vengeance - by MjRahabim
    A vision of what the Razielim genocide might have been like, had Kain executed Raziel out of jealousy. 

  27. Symbols of the Shadow - by Aiden Rogers
    "This is set just after Kain's decision to damn the world of Nosgoth and tells of what happens after..." 

  28. Into the Darkness - by Omni
    "This is just a story about Raziel defeating the last humans to the point of his execution"

  29. Genocide - by Ty-koon
    A fledgeling vampire tells an account of the Razielim genocide.

  30. A Deepening Hatred - by Emerald Embers
    During the time of the war between Kain's rising empire and the humans, Raziel adopts a skilled archer as his fledgeling.

  31. Acher Necronimicon - by Crow Silver
    A hunted vampire and his human companion search for a hidden city where they feel they will be safe from capture.

  32. Strange things do happen - by Reziuel the Soul Gaurdian
    "This story happens not long before Raziel grew his wings. After getting ambushed by a group of vampire hunters Raziel survived but the fledglings he was with were all killed. He managed to fend them off and they retreated back to the human citadel. We join him now…"

  33. Dark God - by Ulicus the Sarafan
    "This is my first fanfic, so don’t expect anything good, because it’s not.  This is meant to be the bit just after BO and the beginning of BO2. It’s short…"

  34. Ariel's Sorrow - by Syvia
    Ariel watches as Kain comes across the Chronoplast, directly after the true ending of Blood Omen.

  35. The Story of a Soul - by The Mondracon
    A look into the untold perspectives of the Lieutenants during their deaths, rebirths, and the rise and fall of their empire.

  36. The Strongest Vampire - by the Rahabim
    Dumah's story, and his downfall.

  37. The Boundaries of Paradise - by The_MarmaladeCat
    Turel reflects upon a meeting of the clan leaders, held days before Raziel's execution.

  38. Surrogate - by the Rahabim
    The story of a lieutenant, who was created after the exceution of Raziel.

  39. Aftermath - by S_Siddiqi
    An idea of what the lieutenants' reactions and thoughts to Raziel's execution were.

  40. Lord of the Waters - by Pranoxitreles
    Rahab realizes his clan's gift of invunerability to water, discovers the reason behind Raziel's execution, and learns of what was to come. 

  41. Down and Under - by Darren the Dark Angel
    Raziel, still a young fledgeling, is lectured by Kain on the purpose and nature of the Abyss as he is caught standing at its edge.

  42. The Sovereigns of Nosgoth - by The Tenth Pillar
    A fan-fic written in the style of a tall tale that spans alleged events from the time of Janos Audron, to the “Vampire Purges”, to the dawn of Kain’s empire.  If a Sarafan were to write a fan-fic, it would probably sound something like this.

  43. Hungry Eyes - by Akira Everhate
    "A story about events 500 years before Soul Reaver took place. Includes unknown characters and some surprise ones as well. The plot also deals with other siblings that were not mentioned, and the bride of Kain. However the main character later on will be the daughter of Kain, Callia."

  44. Unfathomed Karma - by Dark Raven
    Two young sisters are sent on an errand into town, only to encounter a group of vampires intent on their capture. 

  45. The Burning - by Kensington
    A fledgeling Raziel slips into a human city, only to encounter the horrible truth of human prejudice against his kind.

  46. Metamorphosis - by Fire Ceremony
    The recurring theme of this work is change. Set during the time of Kain's Empire, leading up to Raziel's execution. 

  47. The Razielim Chronicles - by Elysion
    A vision of what life might have been like for a Razielim vampire. 

Soul Reaver Fan Fictions
  1. Unexpected Aid - by UndyingSamurai
    "The story is about an elite team of vampire hunters from the human citadel and their adventures and unexpected meetings with Raziel throughout the Soul Reaver post empire era."

  2. LoK Novel - by BloodGout
    "[This story] takes place between the defeat of Rahab and Raziel's assault on Dumah's fortress. It depicts what might have happened if Raziel had infiltrated the Undercity Lair of the Vampire Worshippers and challenged the Priestess."

  3. Warning From Within - by Lirine
    "This story happens…after Raziel had defeated Melchiah, and was about to confront Kain when there is another third party come in to join and mess things up."

  4. Malek the Vampire Sarafan - by Reaver Bladez
    "A fan-fic about Raziel finding 7 sarcophaguses instead of 6 in the Tomb of the Sarafan."

  5. Old Relatives - by Frank Löning
    A battle takes place between the Elder and "the Younger".

  6. Redeemer and Destroyer - by Katie Roncone
    "...Kain's point of view, of the casting of the newly metamorphosed vampire lieutenant Raziel into the Abyss..."

  7. The Last of the Razielim - by LordGorath
    Raziel gets an apprentice to aid him in serving the Elder.

  8. Untitled - by Eric Trumble
    A Razielim awakes in the distant future after many years of hibernation.

  9. Who Am I? - by Minionclaw
    Thoughts that Raziel might have had during his second death and resurrection as a reaver.

  10. What Now? - by Meverix
    Raziel achieves all the goals that he set for himself in Soul Reaver.

  11. Linked As One - by Minionclaw
    The perspective of a mutated Zephonim.

  12. Destiny - by Wolf Vampire
    “Kain's unknown daughter and her search for a family, and her destiny...”

  13. The Journey of Kain: Confessions - by Ben Kimberlin
    A closer look at what Kain’s thoughts might have been concerning Raziel’s supposed execution, had jealousy truly been Kain’s motive.

  14. Legacy of Turel - by Rob
    Turel struggles to understand—and survive—Kain’s machinations.

  15. Legacy of Kain: Last Son of Raziel - by Gyrin
    “His clan is slain. His leader has fallen. Now those who dared go against his brethren will feel his wrath. Woe to the fool who gets in his way.”

  16. Damned Fools - by the Razielim Remnant
    “Dumah’s children were killed along with him due to his arrogance in the Frozen Wastes.  You believed him?”

  17. His Children - by Terra Incognita
    This story takes place after and during "Flames Burn Blue Here"."

  18. Flames Burn Blue Here - by Terra Incognita
    The Elder rewards Raziel for killing virtually all of Nosgoth’s vampires by returning his wings to him, and relieving him of his duty as the Elder’s “agent”.

  19. Infinite Impossibilities - by Melissa®
    "An insight into how things could have been as parallel destinies cross and roles reverse"

  20. Scattered To the Corners of Nosgoth - by Deac1357@aol.com
    A Turelim sits alone, pondering the past and the current condition of his clan, only to be interrupted by an intruder in their territory.

  21. Worst Mistake - by Matt
    “A lost brother of Raziel, the Seventh, and the first. Only to be Kain's best, but also his worst. This story unfolds Kain's worst mistake ever.”

  22. Azrael - by Angelus Morningstar
    The last surviving Razielim protects a human village.

  23. The Waiting Darkness - by ~LordChaosWing~
    "This is told through the perspective of a Vampire Wraith.  Diffrent from my usual style, but the sentence Fragments worked quite niceley.  I wrote this to help get myself over a bad writer's block, but it turned out quite well."

  24. Past of Nosgoth, Future of Raziel - by Skorne
    'Raziel learns that Kain infused the souls of Malek and Vorador into a human warrior's body.

  25. Last Omen - by Kain Forgotten
    Raziel and Kain call a truce. Raziel gets his flesh back, and teams up with an old friend against Moebius.

  26. I, the Elder - by OmniDo
    "This is my conception of the world as seen through the eyes of the elder, and a possible solution to saving nosgoth at the direct hands of the elder. Its very short, but to the point."

  27. Justice - by Thomas the Betrayer
    Picks up where Raziel's battle with Dumah left off, and goes on to envision what Raziel's encounter with Turel could have been had he pursued him during Soul Reaver.

  28. The Fall of the Clans - by ffgazza
    Focuses on the fall of the Razielim clan, and the Elder God's motives for destroying Raziel. 

  29. Hunter - by Dawnwalker
    Follows the story of a human vampire hunter.

  30. Play on - by Ulicus
    "A look into what Kain might be thinking while waiting for his second 'battle' with Raziel. Also explaining and removing (very briefly) the 'Kain will kill himself theory'."

  31. Scavengers of Souls - by Dawnwalker
    Existence in the Spectral Plane from a Slugah's point of view.

  32. Seasons without Sun - by GlassShard
    A human experiences the horror and insanity of living in Kain's fallen empire.

  33. The Lost Battle - by Kage Shadow
    Raziel encounters Turel in the Sun Glyph area.

  34. Legacy of Legacy - by Dragonkid
    Raziel and his daughter, Raziana team up with Kain to fight a group of vampire huntering mad scientists.

  35. Nosgoth: Apocalypse - by The Light Bringer
    An apocolyptic outcome of SR's story.

  36. The Eyes of a Child - by Ian Patterson
    A thirteen-year-old human child’s innocent encounter with Raziel during the time of SR, when vampires have mutated into mindless beasts, and blind hatred of vampires is rampant among humans. 

  37. Limitation Overcome - by the Rahabim
    Rahab's prspective, moments before his encounter with Raziel.

  38. Soul Reaver: RESURRECTION - by Pranoxitreles
    Initially frustrated over the abrupt ending to Soul Reaver, the author attempts to write his own sequel.

  39. Flashbacks - by Unknown Number
    As Raziel makes his way to the final encounter with Kain in Soul Reaver, he has a series of flashbacks...

  40. Home and Body - by the Rahabim
    Zephon's perception of his brothers and 'father'.

  41. Turel Beyond - by Jef Rouner
    "This story explains the whereabouts of Turel during Soul Reaver and his possible role in the next game."

  42. Paradise Denied - by Terrormon
    What could have happened after Raziel stepped through the portal at the end of Soul Reaver.

  43. Angels of Death - by the Dark Fox
    Perspect alternates between vampire hunters, vampires, and a group of... Colonial Marines? Think Aliens meets Soul Reaver. 

  44. Born in Shadows - by Alexei Keats
    A slave turned vampire hunter is given a scar when his family is killed, and though this scar is gifted with immortality.

  45. Pillars of Destiny - by Alhazred
    Kain's thoughts during Soul Reaver as he awaits the arrival of Raziel.

  46. Untold History - by Kreliana
    "A tale of a relationship of Raziel and a Vampiress."

  47. United Once More - by Kreliana
    A reunion between Kain and Raziel.

  48. Little Brother - by Arafel
    Melchiah awaits release from his torment st the hands of his elder brother.

  49. Broken Wings - by Arafel
    "A story inspired by the murals and paintings of seraphim found throughout Soul Reaver and Blood Omen.  The question: what if these seraphim were real creatures and Raziel encountered them?  Add a lost lieutenant and you get this story." 

  50. The Past Brought to Life - by Fryar
    A continuation of the series from where Soul Reaver left off.

Submitting Fan Fictions
  1. Yes! I would be very happy to host your fan fictions!

  2. Fan fic submissions should be sent to Tenaya@Nosgoth.net.

  3. Please include a short description of your story in your email.

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  5. Stories must contain significant relevance to Legacy of Kain, and significant original content of the author's own imagination.

  6. Please don't send me porn.  If you would like me to post stories with sexually explicit content, please flag said content in the story's description for reader discreton, and don't romanticize sexual abuse.  Thank you.

  7. Authors are advised to proofread their work before it is submitted.

  8. Incomplete stories are welcome with a 500 word minimum, as are continuations of existing stories.

  9. If you have artwork to accompany your story, it will be posted on the same page, and may also be featured in the fan art gallery.

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