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Kain VO
Before the Dimension pillar, I lay the eye of Azimuth.

Well done.  You have found Moebius’ toy.  Azimuth, not content with summoning demonic thralls, stole the Time Streaming Device in order to gather creatures from other ages as well.  Take care of the device, Kain.  It will deliver you in time.

The Legions of the Nemesis are on the march from the north, crushing all in their path.  ‘Twas not too long ago that the Nemesis was known as William the Just, a caring and gentle benefactor of the land.  But, as his army grew in strength and he himself grew in power, the veil of tyranny fell and one kingdom was not enough.  So many cities, so many dead.  Willendorf will be sure to follow.  The Nemesis must be stopped or all shall be lost . . .

How can one stop an army?

You must rally the forces of Willendorf; they are the last Hope of Nosgoth.

On the Road to Willendorf

Kain VO
The specter of Ariel led me to Willendorf.  If I was to defeat the next member of the Circle, I needed to understand his machinations.  With this vague advice in mind, I set forth on the road to Willendorf.

Strange, isn’t it Kain?  That one cannot quite accept that which sustains him:  you in your death and me in mine.  But death cannot reign in a world without life and soon you will find the quest ahead of you is yours and yours alone.  I can assist you no longer.

Willendorf, proud defender of the Realm, with its Warrior Elite and mighty ruler King Ottmar.  The Lion Throne had once held my allegiance.  But Willendorf’s days of glory had passed; it was the last bastion against an unruly future.

Upon using Mist Form to cross the lake which leads to the gates of the inner aristocratic section of Willendorf:

Kain VO
It would seem that only those of noble lineage were allowed to pass through the illustrious gates of Willendorf Castle.  And the enchantment I had cast with my Disguise was not enough to fool these Soldiers of Hope.  I would need a stronger illusion to beguile them. 
Spirit Wrack Spirit Wrack
With this spell I can tear a creature’s soul from its body, leaving its vacant flesh mine to control!

Reading a Willendorf signpost:

Kain VO
Mighty Willendorf had sliced open the belly of the earth, reaping a bounty of precious metals and unearthing ancient secrets. 

Of these secrets, I had heard of a tomb that contained an ancient forefather of King Ottmar himself.
Within the tomb, a fountain of blood would allow me to cast the most noble of illusions, and gain entry to the city of the Mighty Lion.

Finding two Blood Fountains:
Blood Fountains
Your strength has increased, for our blood enhances.
Your magic energy recovers more quickly, for our blood enhances.

Receiving the Beguile form from the Blood Fountain:
Beguile Beguile
Unlike the Mask of Disguise, this spell actually allows me to cast away the guise of death for a time, allowing me to walk among the living undisturbed.  The spell also provides a visage of nobility, for there are many who would easily divulge more to those of highborn blood.

Entering Willendorf Library:

Kain VO
The great library of Willendorf.  Filled with dull tomes of trite accounts by pompous historians about matters that could not possibly be of interest to anyone but themselves.

Reading a book in the library:

The book spoke of the birth of the Circle.  The Circle served the Pillars, protectorates to the strange power that gives life to our land.  At the unlikely death of a member, the Circle remains broken for a time, until the Pillars can cull a worthy successor.

I came upon another book of interest buried deep amongst the library’s tomes.  It spoke of a small cult that existed in Nosgoth, ages past.  Wherever they traveled strange tales of human possession would follow.  Little is known of the god they worshipped.

Meeting the King

The foyer to the castle of the Last Hope is resplendent with the colours of Nosgoth Heraldry, lined by the heavily armoured elite knights of the king’s personal guard. 

Kain VO
The court of King Ottmar; shades of my former existence.  Proud and self absorbed, surrounded by all the finery of the realm.  Secure in their ignorance.  As I walked among them I smirked thinking of the carnage that would befall them at the hands of the Legions of the Nemesis . . . the glorious flames, the inevitable rape and pillage.

A courtier stops Kain by raising his hand.


Out of my way peasant! The stench of the fields hangs over you like a pall!

The King sees no one!  He is in mourning for the princess!

He’ll be in mourning for his kingdom soon.  And he’ll mourn for you even sooner if you don’t get out of my way.
Kain pushes past the courtier

Kain pushes past the courtier.

Kain VO
And so I won my audience, such as it was, with Ottmar.  He cared not of the invading armies from the North.  Only of the plight of his child.
A birthday present.  To celebrate her birthday I declared a contest.  Whoever created the finest doll in the realm would be granted a royal favor.  Hundreds of dolls were brought, but the winner was obvious.  Elzevir, the Dollmaker, created a toy of such beauty that all were captivated by it.  And all he would take in payment was a lock of her hair.

Soon after she became like this; a lifeless puppet.  Whoever restores her to her former self shall have this kingdom!

Kain smirks and stalks off.

Kain VO
Thus my hunt for the Dollmaker began.

My daughter . . . I fear I shall never hear her delicate laugh again . . .

Ottmar slumped on his throne like a rag doll, his beard matted with the tears of his own self-pity.  In my court, he would have long since been usurped by one stronger, but in Willendorf they worshipped him, even in his weakness.
I wondered what Willendorf would do when Ottmar’s death finally arrived.

Search for the Dollmaker

Exiting Ottmar's throne room:

Kain VO
Through whispers of the court, I learned that the Army of the Last Hope, Willendorf’s proud militia, was in no condition to fight the invading Legions of the Nemesis.  They were busy scouring the lands to the north, in search of the Dollmaker and Ottmar’s daughter.

I also learned of a tunnel, which would take me rapidly from Willendorf to the suspected area.

Approaching Stahlberg:

Kain VO
This was once the most academic of cities, housing some of the most prestigious universities in all of Nosgoth.  While I would not weep over lost tomes, I detested the sight of scars left upon the world at the hands of the Nemesis.

The Dollmaker

Elzevir!  I have come for the soul!

So, Ottmar sent you to kill me, eh?  I can smell him on you - Or is that the stench of the grave?

Dollmaker, I have no time for these games!

The soul is mine!  I earned it!  Ottmar GAVE it to me!

Then you shall earn it with blood!

During the battle:

You shall NOT have it! Mine!

Upon defeating Elzevir:

Farewell, my love…I was lucky to have made you…

Kain VO
What an odd little man.  Now, to find the soul.
Dollmaker's Doll
Elzevir imprisoned the girl’s soul in a small fabric doll.  The old man’s intentions I shall never know.
Dollmaker's Doll Strange that such a tiny thing - a shred of burlap and silk with a single lock of hair nailed to it, could bring a kingdom to its knees.  Small things frequently have enormous consequences.