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Arriving back at the Pillars:

Kain VO
The Helmet of Malek, I placed before the Pillar of Conflict.  The Pillar accepted its offering; thus it was restored.

The act had taken on the feel of ritual.  Isn’t it strange how we must bribe our gods to stay?

At the foot of the Energy Pillar, I set the cloak of DeJoule.  The Pillar accepted its offering; thus it was restored.

The antler headdress of the Druid Bane I lay before the Nature Pillar.  The Pillar accepted its offering; thus it was restored.

You must seek Azimuth the Planer at the heart of Avernus. 

Three instruments await you, to aid you in your quest, but first you must rise and you must fall and find your salvation in between.
Lightning Lightning
With this spell I can call upon the heavens to tear my enemies apart with its explosive power.  Oh, how their bodies will rupture as the scything energy rips through them!

Avernus consumed itself before my eyes.


Entering Avernus:

Kain VO
The gate of Avernus opened slowly before me, daring me to cross the threshold.  Who was I to reject such an invitation?

Finding mutilated corpses . . .

The city was paved in blood and flesh.  Yet, what would have appalled in my life only tempted me in death.  Once I would have felt horror; now only hunger remained.

. . . and demolished buildings

Avernus lay in ruins before me.  Whatever hand slaughtered its people ravaged the city as well.

Encountering a demon:

Kain VO
The beast paused for a moment, drooling in anticipation of the fine meal he saw before him.  To his disappointment, he would not find me such easy prey.

Encountering a huge demon:

Kain VO
I felt its eyes upon me, eager, hungry, as if it longed to rip my heart out and eat it before me as I died.  I laughed as the onslaught began.  Perhaps when it was over, it would be the other way around.

Entering the cathedral:

Kain VO
Avernus was a religious autocracy, with the Cathedral as its dais of power.  Though the city lay in ruins, the Cathedral remained untouched.  The demons knew better than to bite the hand that feeds them . . .

Kain finds a mysterious altar room; and this strange text:

The Soul Reaver The Soul Reaver

Time fades even legend, and the origin of the Soul Reaver has been lost long ago.  But its purpose remains - to feed on the souls of any creature it strikes.  Kindred, this blade and I.

Wraith Armor Wraith Armor

This armor was spawned in the most impure of spirit forges; tempered from the seething agony of tortured souls.  The metal exists only partially in the human realm, causing it to fade between tangible and ethereal states.

As Kain walks under a huge stained-glass ceiling depicting the battle between Vorador and Malek:

Kain VO
Above me stood a memory, etched in stained glass.

Kain finally confronts Azimuth:

Ah, what’s this?  I had not even realized the blade and the raiment were here.  You wear those trinkets well, Kain.  But I do believe that they would look better on me.

The Matriarch of Avernus, the Lady Azimuth:  her magical planing skills summoned demons through runes inscribed in human blood.

The battle commences:

Come to me my children!  We shall ravage Nosgoth together!

So, little man, have they sent you to stop me?

My children shall rip you apart!

Come, my demons.  Let us sup on vampire blood.

Kain VO
For all her magic, the Lady Azimuth was little trouble; once her demonic thralls had been dispatched she fell quickly to my blade.
Azimuth's Eye
Azimuth’s third eye, a gift from the Pillar of Dimension, allowed the Planer sight into other realms.  The Pillar reclaims its own.
Azimuth's Eye
Azimuth’s Third Eye was a gift from the Pillar of Dimension, and allowed her vision into other planes.

It will deliver you in time.
the Time Streaming Device
Time Streaming Device
Strange runes litter its metallic surface.  ‘Tis with caution that I carry this mysterious device.