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Mist Form Mist Form
When in mist form, I am invulnerable to physical weapons, blade and claw!  I can seep through locked doors and cracks and move swiftly, like a shadow fleeing light.
The black forest reigned here, its kingdom rarely invaded by those that live in the light.  But it was called home by this mysterious Vorador.  Legend told of a time when Vorador defeated Malek of the Sarafan.

If such a man did exist, then he could perhaps be the key to defeating the Ward.

  Termogent Forest

Flame Sword Flame Sword

The sword ravages flesh with teeth of metal and flame, leaving only scorched remains.

Control Mind Control Mind
This spell allows me to enslave my enemies, giving me control of their bodies.  When I release my grip, their bodies will shrivel and die, as I displace their souls, and replace them with my own.
Blood Gout Blood Gout
This spell allows me to use blood from my own body as a weapon.  When struck, my enemiesí blood would flow from their bodies to fill me with life.  ĎTis a risk, yet the rewards are a temptation.
Blood fountain
Blood Fountain
Your strength has increased, for our blood enhances.
Kain VO
Strange that Vorador would choose a dwelling so perilous to him.  The swamp could only offer a vampire hazard and pain.

As he approaches the great mansion:

Voradorís keep was hidden deep within the Termagent forest, nestled amongst vines and creepers that clung desperately to its dark weathered stone.

Inside Vorador's Mansion

Kain VO
The luxury with which this Vorador surrounded himself was impressive.  His wealth would shame the haughty nobles of my former court.

That this vulgar display of fortune remained undisturbed was a testament of fearís dominion over greed.

Upon meeting Vorador's brides:

Kain VO
Their charms were almost visible through the gauze of their clothing.  Yet beauty such as theirs delivered only death.  For these were Voradorís pets, nothing more than beasts, slave to his will and the easy prey he provided.  Vampires, all of them, held in thrall by one stronger still.

Entering the catacomb system:

Kain VO
The darkness was soothing and in the distance, sharp and sweet, came the scent of spilt blood.

Finding the bleeding room:

Kain VO
Voradorís pantry!  A vampireís feast!  Like cattle awaiting slaughter, men and women dangled from the rusted hooks upon the dungeon walls, blood and viscera frosted the dirt and stone.  The abundance nearly overwhelmed me.  For blood is the life . . .
Chaos Armor Chaos Armor

My enemies are quite vicious and the Chaos armor extracts from them a heavy price for their bloodlust.  The blows are meant for me, but it is their bodies that carry the wounds.

Blood Shower Blood Shower
Oh, to bathe in the blood of others!  This spell is especially useful in the face of multiple combatants.  Beware those with tainted blood.

The "torture room":

Kain VO
The room I had entered had but one purpose - the torture and execution of human beings for the sadistic pleasure of its engineer.  Blood was splattered on every surface.

The dread and agony of victims past still echoed through the lethal walls.  A symphony of terror and agony filled the air.  Then, from amidst the cacophony of screaming souls came the perverse laughter of the Vampire himself . . .

And upon the wall, scrawled in blood, were the words: Manus Celer Dei. (Translated: the swift hand of God)

Kain VO
Amongst Voradorís possessions, I found an ancient chronicle . . . Long ago, vampires grew in such number as to capture the attention of the Circle.  The Order of the Sarafan, or the ďAngels of LightĒ as they were called, was instated to counter the menace.  Thus, the ďVampire PurgeĒ began.

Examining a series of macabre paintings on the wall:

Kain VO
The tapestries wove a tale of chaos ignited, an orgy of fire and pain.  Undead beings, with rotted skins caked with sulfur and ash, beckoned at me through a burning abyss.  Their tortured stares were a testemonial to the price of weakness.

Their fate would not find me.  Yet blood calls to blood.


The dining room is dimly lit by candles.  Across the length of a long, polished table sits the vampire Vorador, holding two finely crafted goblets. 

Kain VO
In the bowels of that black forest I found something worse than Hell.  A vision of what I was becoming . . .

Itís not often I see one of our own, especially one as young and foolish as yourself.  Nonetheless, drink.  Drink deep and indulge your gift.

Kain reluctantly accepts the goblet.   We see subtle evidence as to where the blood came from; a dripping human corpse is suspended upside down above a basin on the table.
Kain VO
Gift?  Pah!  Vorador thought my curse a blessing.  That we were gods and that mortals offered their blood as sacrifice so that we could enjoy our supernatural powers.  And somewhere deep inside my new self I knew he was right.  That mortal dreams were prayers.  Prayers to us - begging for our power.

I pondered this as the decadent old fool prattled on about his past; a boorish account of how he defeated Malek of the Sarafan and took his vengeance upon the Circle of Nine for supporting the Sarafanís holy war to exterminate us . . .

After slaughtering six of the sheep I defeated their pathetic little shepherd - Malek.  Since then our kind has not bothered with the cattle, except to feed.  And I suggest you do the same.

Meddling with the affairs of man can do us no good.  Sarafan witchhunts are much too tedious to concern ourselves with.  Am I understood Kain?

Kain acknowledges only very slightly.

Good.  Take this ring.  If you ever need assistance it will summon me.  Despite your youthful arrogance, you amuse me, Kain - it would be such a pity to lose you to the Abyss.
Now be gone!

Vorador turns his back on Kain.

Kain VO
My visit with Vorador only strengthened my resolve.  His power uncontested by mortals, he had fallen to another enemy.  Decadence has claimed itself many a great warrior.
Vorador's signet ring Vorador's Ring
Turning the ring over in my hands, I realized that it was crafted from some strange alloy formed from broken teeth - ground down and soaked in blood.

Exiting Voradorís mansion:

Kain VO
And so I left that place, with clear knowledge of what sort of monster I would become if I let my curse consume me, and with an ally for the future.