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Kain VO
I placed Nupraptor’s head before the Pillar of the Mind, and watched on as it dissolved into the stone.

The pillar accepted its offering, thus it was restored.  Nupraptor was but the genesis - forever tainted by his madness, the Circle was beyond redemption.  For them absolution lay only in death.  In me, they would find their deliverance. 

But first I had to defeat their shepherd - Malek, defender of the Nine, lay in a keep far to the north, past Vasserbünde.  It was time for me to test the wrath of the Pillar of Conflict.

Death in the Circle breathes life to the Pillars.  For every Pillar, there is a token; only with these shall they be restored.

But to reach a warrior, you must first breach his ward.  Find Malek and destroy him.  Only then will the Circle fall.


Blood Fountain

Blood Fountain
Your magic energy recovers more quickly, for our blood enhances.
As Kain approaches Coorhagen:

Kain VO
Years ago, word reached us of a strange pestilence that had laid siege to a few remote villages far east.  But the rumors failed to prepare us for the horror that was the Plague.

Discovering a plague-ridden corpse:

Kain VO
Worms and maggots fed upon his festering skin, the scent of tainted blood seeped through the wounds upon which they feasted.  Pity . . . such a waste; good blood gone bad.

Seeing the sign leading to Coorhagen:

Kain VO
Coorhagen - my home - the finest city in all of Nosgoth, rich in vanity and conceit.  I had no delusions as to the welcome I would receive.

Entering town:

Kain VO
Death and disease stalked these streets.  Bodies lay, most in the very spots in which fate had taken them.  A perfect homecoming.

Encountering Snow for the first time:

Kain VO
Even the gentle snowfall can be lethal to a vampire’s wellbeing.
Repel Repel spell
Invoking this spell cloaks me under a protective aegis.  Whatever spell is cast at me will be reflected back at the caster, leaving me unharmed.  It will only last for a short time, however, before leaving me vulnerable once more.
Bone Armor Bone Armor

Lower forms of undead fall swiftly to deception.  With the Bone armor, they are not as eager to challenge me.

Anti-toxin Anti-Toxin
This cleanses my body of any dangerous poisons.  Quite useful, with all the filth I find myself surrounded by.
Pentalich of Tarot Pentalich of Tarot
A medley of death and evisceration.  Let fate choose my enemy’s demise.
Inspire Hate Inspire Hate
This spell allows me to exploit the petty prejudices of man.  Minor grievance would escalate to murderous rage and oh, the sweet terror when the spell wore off and they saw their hands covered with their neighbor’s blood.
Malek’s Bastion, perched defiantly on the mountain top, black as night against the blanket of snow.  What manner of man would choose a land so harsh and utterly devoid of life?

Malek's Bastion
I know you are here, demon.  The stench of death clings to you.

Kain VO
The interior was as cold and sterile as the snow outside, with empty suits of armor and sharp, cruel steel lining the walls.

My warriors are but shadows of my skill, child.

Kain discovers the first minion generation room:

Kain VO
The towering metal structure gave birth to these wraiths.  I could hazard only a guess at its function: fusing the souls of long dead warriors to their armor, so that they may do battle once again.
Life without blood.  What a travesty!

Each time Kain silences one of the generators, he receives a taunt:

Do you hope to best me, Kain?  Do not worry.  Your challenge will not go unmet.

Your undeath does not make you immortal, vampire.

Come to slay the slayer of vampires, have you?

Finding a secret door that leads to the power source of the machines:

Kain VO
The globe powered the machinery.  With its destruction, the deafening shrieks of the machines ceased to echo throughout the bastion. It was now time to silence the machines’ maker.

You try my patience, fledgling.  Care to try my blade, instead?

Kain VO
My eyes yearned from lack of contrast, my mouth ached for want of blood.  In this cold wasteland, food was scarce, and my hunger grew.

Entering the heart of the Bastion:

The guards at the gate offered no resistance; they were frozen solid and dead as they stood, their flesh welded to the cold metal of their armor . . .

Kain VO
A corpse held court on a tattered throne, grinning malignantly at me through blackened teeth.

It is not often that a man sees his own corpse, it is a sobering experience.  But I am far less interested in my own corpse than I am in yours.  Prepare yourself, vampire.

The Axes The Axes

Havoc and Malice, their presence in my hands keeps me from employing magic, yet rest assured they do little to hamper my relish for slaughter.

Kain VO
‘Twould seem Malek’s destiny with my blade was postponed.  Perhaps Ariel could offer further guidance.

Upon returning to the Pillars:

Ah, the lord returns empty-handed.  Does the Sarafan elude you?  Very well, go east of Malek’s Bastion.  The Oracle shall give you aid.

High up on the face of these cliffs, hidden amongst a complex network of caves, the underground sanctity of the wise Oracle of Nosgoth lay sleeping.  Perhaps it was time to brave the winds, and seek out this Oracle, from the vantage point of the heavens.

The Oracle's Cave
As Kain enters the mountains:

Oh, little vampire, the game grows interesting.  But with so many pawns, can you find the true player?

Stun Stun
The human mind is a fragile thing.  One minor shock, properly timed, can render them catatonic and ripe for feeding.
Blood Fountain
Blood Fountain
The snow will do you no harm, for our blood preserves.

After navigating the network of caves, Kain finally nears the Oracle's lair - and finds his museum:

The shield was newly crafted, its metal shone brightly in the firelight.  The crest I did not recognize. I recognized this crest from my youth.  ‘Tis the sigil of the Mighty Lion of Willendorf, bloodstained and rusted upon this battered shield.

Hidden amidst the many obscure artifacts in that museum, I discovered an ancient chronicle.  This passage caught my eye:

“It was during these dark times infested with the plague of the undead, that the Circle brought the Sarafan to existence.  Trained to be devoutly loyal to the Circle, and the perfect exterminators of the undead scourge, they were led to many victories by the righteous paladin, Malek.  They cleansed the vampires with fire, and released their souls to more blessed realms.  There is no wrath as terrible as that of the righteous.”
I had read enough.  At once disgusted and intrigued, I placed the book back down in that museum.
A guillotine, its blade still wet with blood. Odd.  This armor resembled that of the Ward and his minions.  Yet, the steel seemed newly fashioned and untarnished by time.

The Oracle

Kain enters a large cavern through a winding tunnel.  Inside the cavern a small old man stands by a roaring fire, cooking something in a huge pot.  He looks up as Kain enters.

A nobleman?  Seeking wisdom?  Death has taught you well.

Enough philosophy - I seek answers.

Answers indeed.  I have them all if you have the questions. 
And what are the questions for these answers? 

The oracle throws something into the fire.  The smoke reveals a great army marching across the land.

King Ottmar - the only hope to defeat the legions of the Nemesis.
King Ottmar paralyzed by his princess’ malaise.
King Ottmar the useless.
Pray good sir, what are the questions?

(with anger)
A pox upon your tricks and babble, old man!  Answer me this:  Who is Malek and how can I defeat him?

All in time sirrah.  Yes, time.  Unless you master it - it will master you.
And now it’s time for your answer:

He throws flame powder into the fire.

Malek - defender of the Nine and last of the Sarafan sorcerer-priests.  His vanity led to the slaughter of the Circle at the hands of the vampire Vorador.  For his failing, his spirit was fused to a hellish set of magical armor.  He has allowed no member of the Circle to fall since.

What of this Vorador?

Follow the glow of the Ignis Fatuus to the Termogent forest.

Ignis Fatuus?

The Ignis Fatuus lights the path to Hell, nobleman.  Your path.

Time Kain.  Next time . . .

There is another flash of flame powder, and the oracle disappears.
Incapacitate Incapacitate
Through this magic, I can stop my enemies in their tracks.  Frozen in time, they can do nothing to hinder their own doom.  Sometimes, I draw out their fate, for the added fear sweetens their blood.