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Prologue  Ariel's Lament
Arrival  Raziel Defies the Elder
The Reaver Convergence  The Ruined Aerie
The Heart of Darkness  The Tenth Guardian
The Corruption of the Pillars  The Death of Janos Audron
The Elder God  The Final Transgression
The Vampire Vorador  Cornered in the Stronghold
The Elder's Warning  Vengeance
History and Destiny Collide  Renunciation
Time Streaming  Full Circle
Moebius' Martyred Spirit  

The scene descriptions, which are italicized in blue, are comprised of text from the Dark Chronicle feature within the game, and the official game script that was generously sent to Nosgothic Realm by LoK: Defiance designer, Kyle Mannerburg.  I kept as much detail as I could from both versions, making alterations only when necessary to summarize, or to accurately reflect the content of the finished game.


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