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 Raziel discovers a health power-up for the first time:

Elder God:
These artifacts enhance your stamina, enabling you to prolong your material manifestation.  Gather five to complete the emblem, and thereby augment your strength.

 Raziel learns his first elemental glyph spell:

Elder God:
Once acquired, these glyphs empower you with elemental lore.  Each spell exacts a sacrifice of energy, however - use them sparingly, and wisely.

 Raziel collects his first eldritch energy token:

Elder God:
Gather these tokens to replenish your waning glyph energy.

 Raziel collects his first eldritch energy power-up:

Elder God:
With this artifact, your glyph energy capacity is increased.


Fire Forge

Elder God:
This elemental forge is tuned to the Soul Reaverís energy.  Once baptized in this primordial flame, the blade may be imbued with fire at any future time.