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Maps of Meridian

The proportions of this map are somewhat skewed in relation to the other games. For example, it shows the (Great) Southern Lake as being almost the same size as the Lake of Tears, which was significantly larger on the maps for Blood Omen and Soul Reaver 2. The mountain range that it shows to the east of the Pillars is also inconsistent with any maps of the previous games. Still, this is the only map that claims to specify what lies this far south of Ziegsturhl, and the general location of Nosgoth’s supposed, heretofore unmentioned, “capitol”, Meridian. This map was pieced together and reconstructed using screenshots taken from the PC version of the game.

This artwork of Meridian, was used as a background illustration in the BO2 manual. It was scanned, reconstructed, labeled, and generously provided by LoK fan, Daniel Von Stein to share with NR's other visitors.

Here is an unmarked copy of the illustration that Daniel Von Stein salvaged from the BO2 manual.
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