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Soundtrack | Ozar Midrashim | Multilingual Intro | Recorded Dialogue

Please refrain from downloading these audio files excessively.  Zip and rar files can be accessed with the free archiver program, 7-Zip.  If you need a program to play audio files, WinAmp is free to download.  (A collection of LoK WinAmp skins is available on NR, under Fan Works.)


This Soul Reaver soundtrack was recorded manually and assembled by longtime online fan community member, Raina Audron, (a.k.a. theAncientVampire) who generously offered to let Nosgothic Realm host it for the enjoyment of other fans.  The collection includes most variations of the music composed by Kurt Harland for each area of the game.  See her included Read Me file for additional information.   

The complete soundtrack has been divided into three sets of rar files, due to its massive size.  These sets include 82, 69, and 30 tracks, respectively, for a total 11 hrs 39 mins of music!

WinRAR has been used to maximize compression.  If you do not have a program that can read rar files, 7-Zip is a free archiver that can do this.  To avoid broken file messages, download all parts of each set of rar files, and make sure that rar files are associated with the appropriate archiver on your computer, before double-clicking on “Part 1” in Windows Explorer to automatically extract the full OST.

                               OST 2
       OST 1              Part 1 [96 MB]
Part 1 [96 MB]        Part 2 [96 MB]
Part 2 [96 MB]        Part 3 [96 MB]
Part 3 [96 MB]        Part 4 [96 MB]
Part 4 [96 MB]        Part 5 [96 MB]
Part 5 [96 MB]        Part 6 [92 MB]
Part 6 [96 MB]                               
Part 7 [17 MB]              OST 3       
                                Part 1 [96 MB]
                                Part 2 [96 MB]
                                Part 3 [21 MB]

The music for the Soul Reaver ending credits – a variation of the Dumahim Ruined City theme – was previously ripped separately.  [4min 32sec / 4.16 Mb - 128 KBps/44 KHz]

Ozar Midrashim

Don't Be Afraid...Ozar Midrashim is the track that can be heard echoing through the ruins of Raziel's Clan Territory, and within the heart of the Sanctuary of the Clans.  It has otherwise affectionately become known as the Soul Reaver Theme.  It was originally featured on Information Society's Don't Be Afraid album, and later appeared again on Pure Energy: The Very Best Oftheir album, Pure Energy: The Very Best Of, both of which can be purchased online from,, or eBay.  (Note that "Ozar Midrashim" is the only track on either album that was featured in Soul Reaver, and the full version of Ozar found on the CDs includes vocals preceding the music that weren't featured in the LoK games.)  A 30 second clip of Ozar can be previewed here, (if you're unclear as to what song I'm talking about). 
All the music featured in LoK: Soul Reaver was composed and performed by Kurt Harland of the Information Society.  Visit the official site:

Multilingual Intros

English Soul Reaver intro -- The audio from the opening FMV of Soul Reaver.  [3min 30sec / 3.21MB]

German Soul Reaver intro -- For those of you interested in hearing what the German Raziel sounds like, check this one out.  [3min 29sec / 3.21MB]   (Thanks to Sayel and Kenji for providing this one.)

French Soul Reaver intro -- Same as above, but in French.  [3min 30sec / 3.21MB]


These mp3s were pieced together from the sound files on the CD, to recreate the dialogue between Raziel, his brothers, and Kain.  All these are mono, and encoded at 112 KBPS.

First cinematic after FMA [1min 33sec / 1.25MB] Encounter with Melchiah [1min 5sec / 900K]
Encounter with Zephon [1min 15sec / 1MB] Encounter with Tomb Guardian [49sec / 648Kb]
Encounter with Rahab [56sec / 783K] Encounter with Dumah [59sec / 825KB]
First encounter with Kain [2min 37sec / 2.10MB] Second encounter with Kain [3min 34sec / 2.87MB]


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