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Warning:All codes should be used with caution, since they can potentially cause the game to crash.  No cheats should be enabled until the entire training area at the beginning of the game has been completed.   Just to be safe, it is recommended that you wait until after the first time you reach the Lake of the Dead.


All codes are activated by pausing the game (pressing Start), then holding L1 or R1 down while entering the buttons in the order listed.  If the code is entered correctly, a sound effect plays, and the new ability will be evident when the game is un-paused.

Note – where L2/R2 is indicated, that means either button can be used (they serve the same function).
Do NOT press both of them.
Remember:  press START, then hold down L1 -or- R1 while pressing:
Refill Health  down,circleupleftupleft
Raise health coil to next level rightXlefttriangleup,down
Raise health coil to maximum (Level 4) right,circle,downup,downup
Hurt Raziel leftcircleupup,down
Refill glyph/magic meter rightrightlefttriangleright,down
Raise glyph meter to maximum (52 pts) triangleright,downrightuptriangleleft
Turn on “pass through barriers” ability downcirclecircleleftrighttriangleup
Turn on “Soul Reaver” ability downtriangle, L2/R2rightrightdown,downlefttriangledownright
Turn on “wall crawling” ability triangle,down, L2/R2rightup,down
Turn on “force” ability leftrightcircleleftrightleft
Turn on “swim” ability upcircle,downrightcircleleftup
Turn on “constrict” ability downuprightrightcircleupup,down
Forge Soul Reaver with Fire (turn on Fire Reaver) downuprightup,downleftcircleright,down
Imbue Reaver = Fire (as if passed through flame) triangleright,downcircleup
Imbue Reaver = yellow/white Reaver ** Xrightupuptriangleleftleftrightup
Imbue Reaver = red/black Reaver ** Xcirclerighttriangleleftleftrightup
Turn on Force Glyph spell downlefttriangledownup
Turn on Stone Glyph spell downcircleupleft,downrightright
Turn on Sound Glyph spell rightright,downcircleupup,down
Turn on Water Glyph spell downcircleup,downright
Turn on Fire Glyph spell upuprightuptriangle, L2/R2right
Turn on Sunlight Glyph spell leftcircleleft,rightrightupupleft
Allow Shift-Any-Time (+ “swim” ability, etc.) upup,downrightrightleftcirclerightleft,down
** These are graphical effects only

Game Shark codes

Codes were said to have been tested on 3.2 version Game shark
The last one was found on a GAMESHARK PRO 3.0

Joker command D00D1058 ????
Infinite Health -- Spectral Plane Only  800D5674 86A0
800D5676 0001
Infinite Health -- Material Plane Only
(Works With Max Stamina Level Code)
800D5674 A120
800D5676 0007
Infinite Health -- (Works With Max Stamina Level Code) D00D56B0 0002
800D5674 86A0
D00D56B0 0002
800D5676 0001
D00D56B0 0001
800D5674 A120
D00D56B0 0001
800D5676 0007
Max Stamina Level 800D5670 0004
Have All Forged & Special Abilities 800D5680 FFBF
Have All Glyph Abilities 800CFDBE 03FF
800D5682 03FF
All 5 Emblem Pieces 800D492A 0005
800D492C 0005
Infinite Glyph Power 800D5688 0063
800D568A 0063
Shift Almost Anywhere -- Note 1 800A5A7E 2400
800B00C4 FFD0
800B00C6 1000
Always High Jump 800D55D8 0020
Hyper Mode 800D123E 0021
In-Game Cheat Codes
Have All Abilities (Including Shift Anywhere)  800CFDBC FFFF
Have All Glyphs 800CFDC6 03FF
Have Material Reaver 800CFDC0 0800
Have Spectral Reaver 800CFDC0 0400
Have Fire Reaver 800CFDC0 8000
Have Yellow Reaver 800CFDC0 1000
Have Red & Black Reaver 800CFDC2 0001
Have Unknown Purple Reaver 800CFDC2 0002
Free Flight!  -- Note 2 D00D1058 0040
800D55DA 0004
D00D1058 0040
800D55E0 0001
D00D1058 0040
800D5600 0006
D00D1058 0040
800D5978 0005
D00D1058 0040
800D57D6 00E4
800D5604 0070
800D5784 0001
800D57DE 0030
Note 1:  If you try to shift in an area that does not exist in the other plane (like trying to use it in the Underworld) you will just be shifted right back.  You do not need to be at full health to shift.

Note 2:  Press X to Jump and O while still in the air to fly.  You can use the direction pad to move around.



These cheats will only work when the game is set in keyboard mode, and only with the number keys across the top of the keyboard -- they don't work with the keypad.*  To use these codes you must pause the game [Esc] and type in the corresponding numbers.  A sound effect will confirm a successful entry.  When game is un-paused the cheats should take effect.

Refill Health 364141
Raise Health Coil 271543
Fill Health Coil 263434
Refill Magic 221523
Max Magic 5232451
Hurt Raziel 16443
Pass-through 3661254
Scale Walls 538243
Force projectile 126121
Swim 4632614
Constrict 34226443
Soul Reaver 35822331532
Fire Reaver 342431623
Imbue Reaver w/Fire 52364
White Reaver 724451124
Red/Black Reaver 76251124
Shift Any Time 4432216213
Force Glyph 31534
Sound Glyph 2236443
Stone Glyph 3641322
Water Glyph 36432
Fire Glyph 4424582
Sunlight Glyph 16122441
Toggle Cheats** 1324

*(Yes, I can hear you people with gamepads griping -- but during gameplay you should be able to go to your options menu, set the game to keyboard mode, enter the desired codes, and then switch back to your original settings.)

** I'm unsure about this particular code -- I haven't tested long enough to completely figure it out... I didn't use it before I put any other codes in and they worked; and entering the code didn't shut off the codes that I did put in, nor did it keep me from entering more codes....  Yet, at one point when the codes that I tried to enter wouldn't work, I put this code in and then they worked -- go figure...


This small program is designed to run in the background while you are playing Soul Reaver.  It will allow you to set and refill your health and Glyph energy levels when you please.  It also has an option to grant you partial invincibility -- it only protects you from attacks by "lesser" enemies.  (It won't save you from "bosses" or water.)  Instructions are included within the Zip file.

Click to download trainer for Soul Reaver(100Kb)



For each code you first pause the game, hold L or R and then enter one of the following combinations:

Refill health down,Bupleftupleft
Upgrade to next health level right, Aleft, Yup,down
Maximum health right,B,downup,downup
Refill Eldritch energy rightrightleft, Yright,down
Max Eldritch energy Yright,downrightup, Yleft
Hurt Raziel left, Bupup,down
Pass through barriers ability down, B, Bleftright, Yup
Scale walls ability Y,down, Xrightup,down
Force projectile leftright, Bleftrightleft
Constrict ability downuprightright, Bupup,down
Obtain Soul Reaver down, Y, Xrightrightdown,downleft, Ydownright
Shift at will (plus grants all abilities)  upup,downrightrightleft, Brightleft,down
Turn on Fire Reaver (do this first) downuprightup,downleft, Bright,down
Make Fire Reaver Yright,down, Bup
Yellow/White Reaver Arightupup, Yleftleftrightup
Red/Black Reaver A, Bright, Yleftleftrightup
Force Glyph downleft, Ydownup
Sound Glyph rightright,down, Bup,up,down
Stone Glyph down, Bupleft,downrightright
Water Glyph down, Bup,downright
Fire Glyph upuprightup, Y, Xright
Sunlight Glyph left, Bleftrightrightupupleft

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