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Legacy of Kain: Defiance

Prologue The Canyons
The Slums      The Seer
     Separated       The Beast
The Den The Eternal Prison
     Faustus      The Builder
The Lower City      Magnus
     Sanctuary  The Device
The Upper City      Janos Audron
     Marcus The Wharves
The Seraphan Keep       Umah's Murder
     Rescue The Hylden City
 The Industrial Quarter        The Cavalry Arrives 
      Sebastian       The Seraphan Lord
      Return to Sanctuary  

Most of this script comes from the pre-production document that was generously provided to Nosgothic Realm by LoK: Defiance designer, Kyle Mannerburg.  I kept as much of the wording from that document as I could, but much of it needed to be revised to reflect the final product of the game, or transcribed by myself because it was absent from the document.  This is made evident on account that I couldn’t bring myself to refer to the main character’s name without putting it in quotation marks, or spell “Sarafan” the way that it was in Blood Omen.  My apologies.  It just felt wrong to perpetuate the pretense that they were part of the same mythology as that of the original Blood Omen.


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